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1.To open the door for the first time, please use the outer battery box and follow the steps below. After opening the door, please fit the batteries in the inner battery box and take out the outer battery box for normal operations.

2.To lock the door by user code

Close the door, input 3 to 6 digits code at your option, and confirm it by pressing the key “#”, the door will be locked automatically, and the code is successfully changed.

3.To open the door by user code

Input your code (factory setting code is 123456), the door will be opened automatically.

4.To open the door by master code

Press the key “#” two times quickly, then input the master code(factory setting code is 000000), the door will be opened automatically.

5.To change master code

When the door is open, input **185015#6 digits original master code#6 digits new master code#6 digits new master code#, “GOOD” displays as indicate the master code is successfully changed.

6.In case you forget the code, you can open the door by using the override key instead of inputting the code. After opening the door, please input your code to lock the door, now you can operate the safe as usual.

7.Press “*” to hide the code before entering the code.

8.Four times wrong try starts a 15-minute freezing period

9.Press the key “*” to delete the wrong input.

10.Setting time:

When the door is open,

a)enter **501508#, “-date-” displays, then the current date displays.

b)enter the new date “yymmdd”, “yy” means year, “mm” means month, “dd” means day.

c)press “#”, the current time displays, please enter the new time “hhmmss”. “hh”means hour, “mm”means month, “ss” means second.

d)Press “#”, “good” displays as indicates the time has successfully set.

11.Audit trailing:

100 pieces of opening records can be read via the screen.

When the door is open, enter**264580#,“RECORD”displays, then the opening records display by 2 screens, For example:

1.the first screen: 120101 means the opening date is Jan., 1st, 2012

2.the second screen: 0808-1 means the opening time is 08:08, opening method is 1(opened by user code)

1---opened by user code,

2---opened by management code,

3---opened by CEU,

4---opened by the override key.

3, press “2” for last record, press “8” for next record. press “5” for the latest record.

4, press “4” to display the first screen, press “6” to display the second screen,.

12. Low battery warning

When the door is locked, press the key “#”, “BATT-L” displays as indicate low battery, please change the batteries as soon as possible. You can open the door by using the outer battery box when low battery.